Playing a video

To play a video, click / tap on a piece of text under a composer's name. If another video is already playing, you can unhide the menu containing the links to the videos by clicking on the menu button (top right).

Moving to different parts of a playing video

  • You can't drag the silver bullet in the playbar of a playing video back and forth in order to move to different parts of the video. Click / tap somewhere to the left or the right of the bullet instead.
  • Or, if there are time indications at the top: click / tap on a time indication. (Clicking on a time indication will move the video to a part corresponding to the time that was clicked).
  • Or, if there's a playlist: use the playlist arrows at the bottom to go to different members of the list. (> : next video;  < : previous video).

Video duration and playlists

The (static) total time-indication given to the left of the playlist arrows at the bottom of a playing video pertains to individual (playing) members of the list, not to the sequel as a whole.
    PLAYLIST:  < >